AISTrack Lite
[AISTrack Lite Screenshot]A low-cost software application for processing and displaying AIS data received by an AIS receiver/tranceiver. It decodes AIS and GPS NMEA strings received via a COM port, and presents navigational information in the form of Radar, List, Map and Chart displays. It features logging ability (in both raw and CSV format), as well as support for recording waypoints and configurable CPA/tCPA, proximity and lost target alarms.
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[AISTrack SDK Logo]A robust source code Software Development Kit for decoding NMEA 0183 formatted AIVDO or AIVDM strings from AIS hardware. This simple and flexible C++ library API allows programmers save time when developing software for AIS. All 24 VHF Data Link (VDL) binary messages defined in the ITU-R M.1371 and IEC 62287 documents are decoded.
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